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10th Airlift Squadron Activation
The Air Force is calling the 10th back to duty as the 10th Airlift Squadron at McChord AFB flying the C-17. We'd love to have as many former members present as possible. I realize this is short notice but it seems like everything in air mobility always is. If you can get yourselves here we'll show you a good time. We may even get a Wash. Army Guard C-23 here for a static display (not coordinated yet but possible).

There will be a heritage dinner, activation ceremony and static displays of former assigned aircraft and a C-17 available. On base billeting is available for Space A travelers.

We'd love to have you. Please circulate this amongst your membership and if anyone has contacts with former members from before the 1980's I'd greatly appreciate your help in contacting them (no success so far).

SherpaSociety - 10th Airlift Squadron Activation

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