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The C-23A aircraft was built by Short Brothers PLC (Shorts), for the United States Air Force (USAF) to support Air Force logistics as part of the European Distribution System (EDS). The C-23A is a derivative of the commercially operated Shorts SD-330. It is a twin –engine monoplane with a strut-braced high-wing configuration and a horizontal tail plane with twin vertical stabilizers and rudders. The tricycle land gear is retractable. Power is provided by two Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop engines each driving a five bladed Hartzell propeller. The propeller blade pitch is hydraulically controlled and provided with reverse pitch and auto-feathering capability. The crew entrance door is on the left side of the aircraft, aft the wing. Cargo is loaded via the large downward-opening ramp at the aft end of the fuselage.

The fuel supply is carried in two tanks, which form a fairing over the fuselage. Fuel servicing is performed through a single-point pressure refueling point at the aft end of the right main gear pod. Three gravity-flow filler points are provided on top of the fuel tanks.

Aircraft Dimensions:
Wing Span – 74 feet 9.9 inches
Length – 58 feet .5 inches
Height (to top of rudders) – 16 feet 3 inches

Aircraft Weights:
Max Weight prior starting engines – 23,000 pounds
Max GW for take-off - 22,900 pounds
Max GW for landing – 22,600 pounds

Flight Crew:
Crew of three, pilot, copilot, and flight mechanic

Maximum Operating Airspeed (Vmo):
198 Kts IAS

Maximum Altitude:

Normal Cruise:
Approx 140 Kts

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